Sire: EBLF Ypsilanti 420Y
Sire: EBLF Ypsilanti 420Y

• SSTO Big Boy 403B may possibly be the bull in this offering that may put the most dollars on the table for whomever buys him, no matter when they plan on marketing his progeny. With out of the impressive WW, YW and carcass EPD that 403B brings to the table, we suspect his offspring will express value throughout the chain.
• In addition to his worth in terms of performance, 403B has a regal pedigree. His sire being the $120,000 valued A.I. sire EBFL Ypsilanti and his dam being a proven MAGS donor out of the world famous Lady Ace cow family.
• To further add to this bull’s value potential, he is homozygous black and homozygous polled.


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